What are the different Nile Cruise Holiday Package Options?

These Nile cruise holiday packages specially cater to those of you tourists who are eager to sail on the water of the Nile for the sightseeing of the many ancient sights of Egypt. The following packages are inclusive of accommodations with meals in the different cities listed on the itinerary,air-conditioned transportation vehicles,a 5-star cruise ship,an English speaking Egyptologist tour guide,entrance fees and service charges.

See your Nile cruise and stay holiday options here:

Luxury Cairo and Nile Cruise Tour

Experience a classic Nile cruise with this 10-day tour beginning your discoveries at the Cairo for some sightseeing. Have your succeeding days with your long awaited voyage in the Nile to view the grandiose monuments from Aswan to Luxor. Maybe have a bit of diving session at the Red Sea before returning to Cairo.

Honeymoon Nile Cruise

This package is for those lovebirds wishing to celebrate their recent nuptial and have another unforgettable moment added to their shared milestone. This is a 12-day romantic adventure through the pyramids of Giza to a 5-star cruise in the Nile,later taking you to the rich view of the Red Sea prior to your departure day.

Egypt Sightseeing Tour

This tour is another 12-day adventure within the wonder sites of Egypt starting amid your arrival the Cairo International Airport,making its way to the temples of Abu Simbel in Aswan,to a luxurious journey in the Nile heading to Luxor,disembarking at Dakhla and finally back to Cairo.

Egypt Holiday Tour

Great for first time visitors of the country,this 8-day exploration will bring you to the wonderful spots in the deserts of Cairo and Aswan where you will board on your Nile cruise to see the historical places of Edfu and Luxor,then return to the city of Cairo.

Cairo & Nile Steamer Ship

Journey on an authentic vessel built in the early 20th century! This 9-day trip will take you to the pyramids and Egyptian Museum in Cairo,to the unique temples in Aswan,Edfu and Luxor,then give you a chance to fly via hot-air balloon over the leading compilation of tombs and chambers รข The Valley of Kings before ending your tour.

Cairo,Dahabiya & Red Sea

The highlights of this 15-day tour start with the viewing of the pyramids in Cairo to the Egyptian Museum followed by a sail in the Nile from Aswan to Kom Ombo to Esna up until Luxor. The trip will also allow you to stay at the Sharm El Sheikh where you can visit the ancient monasteries.

Cairo & Dahabiya Cruise

A famous tourist destination choice,this 9-day trip immediately lets you experience the oldest pyramids in Egypt followed by discovering the collections of artifacts at the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities before flying you to Luxor navigating to Esna by land then to your luxurious voyage for some sightseeing.

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