Christian Science Visiting Nurse Services

Christian Science Nursing Services Explained

Christian Science Nursing can be seen as an alternative to mainstream Nursing techniques,which are deemed more heavily dependent on Christian Science. Christian Science Nursing seeks healing that comes not from a material,yet still physical form,but from the spirit that pervades all of creation. In accordance with the tenets of Christian Science,Christian Science Nursing provides its services by means of prayer and patience so as to encourage spiritual and bodily healing.

While Christian Science Nursing can be seen in some respects as a critique of mainstream Nursing,it does not seek to replace it,but instead to add to the Nursing profession. Essentially,Christian Science Nursing offers nursing services that approach illness from a higher perspective of health,offering a more spiritual approach to healing processes. You can check out a San Francisco based facility here:Christian Science nursing facilities at Arden Wood

Understanding the Principles of Christian Science Nursing Services

According to the principles of Christian Science,healing is a spiritual,rather than material,process,which is why Christian Science Nursing offers spiritual,rather than physical healing. While the mainstream’s attention to the physical is never done away with,it is considered less significant. As a result,Christian Science Nursing still maintains a great deal of responsibility for the physical health of the patient,which is also recognized by mainstream Nursing.

Christian Science Nursing recognizes that Hippocrates supported a holistic approach to health and healing and founded the concept of preventative medicine,which is upheld by Christian Science Nursing. Case management is common in nursing today as part of a holistic model of health and care. Nursing strategies and practices have continuously evolved over the years,with some of the most revolutionary changes occurring in the last century,as modern technology and pharmaceuticals permitted while providing more options for health and healing. Christian Science Nursing has contributed to this evolution by melding what has traditionally been called mainstream Nursing and what has traditionally been called Christian Science Nursing into a whole that focuses on the health of the mind,body,and spirit of the patient,with an emphasis on physical healing,but with an understanding of the importance of the spiritual.

What Is a Christian Science Nurse Not?

Christian Science nursing is not necessarily totally detached from the medical paradigm. To be sure,their sense of purpose does draw a good bit of inspiration from the spiritual healing practices described by Mary Baker Eddy (founder of the term Christian Science),and that generally means that Christian Scientist nurses will look upon their work in terms of mental,moral,and spiritual powers which they find competent to advance or suppress disease. This also means they won’t make any medical diagnosis or prescribe medicines,herbs,or homeopathic remedies but instead assist patients in understanding the true nature of their sole identity as immortal souls. Christian Science nursing care isn’t always given at a facility as there are visiting nurse services also such as this one:Arden Wood visiting Christian Science nursing service


Christian Science nursing services can add a great deal of value to the medical community by reinforcing a holistic and spiritual approach to the treatment of illnesses. By emphasizing the mind and spirit of a person in conjunction with a full range of medical or surgical care administered by professional medical practitioners,Christian Science Nursing can be seen as adding to,rather than replacing,mainstream Nursing methods.